Tear Eye Stains in White Dogs

Puppies and Kittens are cute when they are little, but we all known that they do not stay little forever. After a few years, the size of our pet is not the only thing that changes. As our pets mature, they can encounter health issues as well. A common concern that affects both dogs and cats are tear stains. These stains can diverge in color, but majority of the time they are red or brown in color.

Unfortunately, tear stains in white dogs are extremely visible because of their light fur. This is frustrating for owners of white dogs. Below is a list of dog breeds that are light colored and are mostly affected by stains.

Dogs breeds that have white fur/hair and are known to be pretentious to the development of stains are Shih-Tzu, Maltese, Poodles and Pekinese. Although these dogs are frequently affected by the appearance of tear stains, darker breeds can be affected by stains as well. Not only can dogs develop stains, but cats like Siamese, Persians, Himalayans and Ragdolls (cats) can. These breeds are often light colored as well, which makes their stains highly visible.

To reduce the appearance of dog tear stains, dog owners need to purchase a tear stain supplement, such as Tearplex or angels eyes for dogs. Dog owners will find that there are dozens of tear stain products on that market that are promoted to reduce the look of existing stains and future stains on dogs and even cats. Most tear stain products are promoted for at home use, which means you and your pet do not need to travel to a vet. However, if side effects occur, then it is advised to visit your pets veterinarian and discontinue use of the product. Supplements for red stains are not a tear stain removal option. However, there are tear stain removers on the market that can be used with supplements to reduce the appearance of stains.

A tear stain remover can be used at home as well. These products include wipes or facial washes. These products are sold online and in some retail stores. These products can differ in size, usage and ingredients. A tear stain remover option will only offer short-term results, that is why it is recommended to use these options in conjunction with a supplement like the ones over at http://tear-stain-center.com/,to reduce the look of dog tear stains.


The effects of uric acid build up

Uric acid and gout go hand-in-hand. These two health concerns are closely related and can cause excruciating painĀ  in the joints. If high uric acid levels are present in the blood stream and does not breakdown through urination, then uric crystals develop. These crystals promote gout attacks and pain in the joints. Some symptoms of gout can occur every now and then, but some individuals may be facing chronic gout.

Gout is a type of arthritis that develops when uric acid builds up. For those with chronic gout- the body cannot break down the uric acid fast enough. In recent studies, chronic gout was linked to high levels of purines that are not broken down. Foods that are high in purines include: Meat, peas, anchovies, asparagus, dry beans and even alcohol.

Eating foods rich in purines can promote painful symptoms like pain, swelling, itching, inflammation, stiffness, soreness, heat in joints and redness. If you notice lumps in your skin after an attack, you may have tophi. This often develops after a gout flare up.

The best way to manage symptoms of gout that is not chronic is with a gout supplement. These products contain less harsh ingredients that are not considered drugs. They can help manage the symptoms of gout, which can provide gout relief.

More men than women suffer from symptoms of gout, especially men who are in their 40's or older. For those who encounter symptoms from high uric acid, it typically affects the joints in the knees, ankles, wrists, feet, hands, elbows and instep. However, there are some other joints that can become affected as well. Please refer to an alternative website to learn more about the joints that can become affected by gout.

For those who suffer with chronic gout, you may want to visit a doctor for a gout home treatment. Treatments can help relieve pain, especially if you experienced an attack and its after effects for several days. To learn more about treatments, please visit sites with info on the best natural gout treatment information - gout-treatment-help.com.